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Apple cocktails

Banana ColadaBanana Colada cocktailFrosted tropical flavors of banana, coconut and pineapple.
Bahama MamaBahama Mama cocktailFrosted fruity cocktail with a hit of rum.
Pina ColadaPina Colada cocktailA frosty coconut tropical cocktail dream.
Green Eyed MonsterGreen Eyed Monster cocktailSummer mix of melon and pineapple flavors.
AppletiniAppletini cocktailThe classic martini with an apple twist.
Coconut GroveCoconut Grove cocktailGreat mix of tropical flavors and rum.
Forbidden FruitForbidden Fruit cocktailA pleasant blend of berry and pineapple flavors.
French MartiniFrench Martini cocktailChambord liqueur paired well with a pineapple martini.
EnvyEnvy cocktailPineapple and tequila transport you to the Caribbean.
Ruby RelaxerRuby Relaxer cocktailPeach flavored cocktail with a strong alcohol kick.
Apple JulepApple Julep cocktailRefreshing mix of mint, citrus and apples.
Safe Sex On The BeachSafe Sex On The Beach cocktailFruity summer mocktail.
French CosmoFrench Cosmo cocktailA fruity blackcurrant and pineapple cosmo.
Strawberry Lemon SunsetStrawberry Lemon Sunset cocktailFresh fruit and creamy mocktail.
Yellow BirdYellow Bird cocktailPerfect blend of nut, pineapple and banana flavours.
Kalinka KoolerKalinka Kooler cocktailA totally refreshing summer shot.
Royal BlueRoyal Blue cocktailCitrus and sweet in a dazzling blue color.
CatwalkCatwalk cocktailSuper sweet pineapple and berry cocktail.
Mango HurricaneMango Hurricane cocktailMango mixed with other fruits for a tropical cocktail.