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Lime cocktails

CaipirinhaCaipirinha cocktailPerfect Brazilian summer cocktail to enjoy during the World Cup.
GimletGimlet cocktailLime and gin together in a bold cocktail mix.
CosmopolitanCosmopolitan cocktailThe quintessential chic cocktail.
JackpotJackpot cocktailSharp grapefruit complemented with sweet additions.
Death Of A VirginDeath Of A Virgin cocktailA refreshingly light peachy citrus cocktail.
MojitoMojito cocktailRefreshing minty summer cocktail.
KamikazeKamikaze cocktailThe classic cocktail blend of citrus and vodka.
MargaritaMargarita cocktailStrong bold mix of citrus and tequila flavors.
Japanese SlipperJapanese Slipper cocktailCitrus and melon combine to make a tropical delight.
Peach FuzzPeach Fuzz cocktailFrosted blend of lime and sweet peach.
Rum RazzRum Razz cocktailRum and raspberry mixed with a hint of citrus.
Fall HarvestFall Harvest cocktailZingy lemon and lime cocktail for any season.
Pear MargaritaPear Margarita cocktailClassic margarita mixed with the smooth flavor of pear.
PomopolitanPomopolitan cocktailPomegranate added to typical cosmopolitan ingredients.
Vanilla VixenVanilla Vixen cocktailVanilla cocktail with a hint of fresh lime.
Fidel CastroFidel Castro cocktailGinger ale and rum together in an easy blend.
Tornado TwistTornado Twist cocktailStrong cranberry and citrus combination.
Yellow BirdYellow Bird cocktailPerfect blend of nut, pineapple and banana flavours.
Royal BlueRoyal Blue cocktailCitrus and sweet in a dazzling blue color.
Pink LadyPink Lady cocktailPerfectly balanced cocktail of sweet, sour and creamy.
TequiniTequini cocktailA classic martini with tequila.
Melon SplashMelon Splash cocktailMelon and citrus mix with whisky.
Frozen MargaritaFrozen Margarita cocktailIcy margarita perfect for a long hot day.
Gin and TonicGin and Tonic cocktailAn old classic with a great refreshing taste.
Key Lime MartiniKey Lime Martini cocktailA ready-to-drink key lime pie.