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Eye of the DragonEye of the Dragon cocktailExotic flavors of lychee combined with gin.
CaipirinhaCaipirinha cocktailPerfect Brazilian summer cocktail to enjoy during the World Cup.
Death Of A VirginDeath Of A Virgin cocktailA refreshingly light peachy citrus cocktail.
Red LotusRed Lotus cocktailExotic lychee combined with fresh cranberry.
Mint JulepMint Julep cocktailStrong hit of mint in a refreshing blend.
EnvyEnvy cocktailPineapple and tequila transport you to the Caribbean.
Fall HarvestFall Harvest cocktailZingy lemon and lime cocktail for any season.
White RussianWhite Russian cocktailAn iced coffee spiked with some vodka.
VampireVampire cocktailBerry cocktail with a big bite of vodka.
Yellow BirdYellow Bird cocktailPerfect blend of nut, pineapple and banana flavours.
Sea BreezeSea Breeze cocktailNot to sweet, not to sour, a perfect refreshing mix.
Hairy NavelHairy Navel cocktailSweet tangy flavors perfectly mixed with vodka.
Melon SplashMelon Splash cocktailMelon and citrus mix with whisky.
ZingerZinger cocktailPerfect mix combining fizzy and fruity.