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Vodka cocktails

Iced Tea TiniIced Tea Tini cocktailA vodka hit to your everyday iced tea.
Long Island Iced TeaLong Island Iced Tea cocktailSmooth cola cocktail that really packs a punch.
Lemon DropLemon Drop cocktailLemon by name, lemon by nature.
Dafne MartiniDafne Martini cocktailSmooth martini with pear and citrus undertones.
AppletiniAppletini cocktailThe classic martini with an apple twist.
Bloody MaryBloody Mary cocktailRefreshing tomato juice with a spicy kick.
Blue LagoonBlue Lagoon cocktailFresh and light lemon and vodka combination.
JellyfishJellyfish cocktailUnique blend of citrus, cream and licorice.
French MartiniFrench Martini cocktailChambord liqueur paired well with a pineapple martini.
Cloud NineCloud Nine cocktailA mocha thick shake adult style.
CosmopolitanCosmopolitan cocktailThe quintessential chic cocktail.
Cran CrushCran Crush cocktailCranberry cocktail with a sour twist.
Death Of A VirginDeath Of A Virgin cocktailA refreshingly light peachy citrus cocktail.
KamikazeKamikaze cocktailThe classic cocktail blend of citrus and vodka.
Dreamy MonkeyDreamy Monkey cocktailA creamy banana shake with a vodka hit.
Purple RainPurple Rain cocktailGentle blend of cranberry and citrus.
Pink ElephantPink Elephant cocktailBerry lemon mix that will make you see elephants.
Red LotusRed Lotus cocktailExotic lychee combined with fresh cranberry.
Black RussianBlack Russian cocktailCoffee shot with a strong vodka hit.
Mocha MartiniMocha Martini cocktailMartini classic blended with chocolate and coffee.
Ruby RelaxerRuby Relaxer cocktailPeach flavored cocktail with a strong alcohol kick.
Peach FuzzPeach Fuzz cocktailFrosted blend of lime and sweet peach.
Licorice StickLicorice Stick cocktailLicorice fan? Then this is the cocktail for you.
Slippery PantiesSlippery Panties cocktailVanilla and butterscotch. What more could you want?.
Fall HarvestFall Harvest cocktailZingy lemon and lime cocktail for any season.
The Red WitchThe Red Witch cocktailChampagne cocktail with a gentle cherry flavor.
MudslideMudslide cocktailFrozen and creamy coffee heaven.
PomopolitanPomopolitan cocktailPomegranate added to typical cosmopolitan ingredients.
French CosmoFrench Cosmo cocktailA fruity blackcurrant and pineapple cosmo.
Red Currant CosmoRed Currant Cosmo cocktailRed currant burst mixed with vodka.
Vanilla VixenVanilla Vixen cocktailVanilla cocktail with a hint of fresh lime.
Woo WooWoo Woo cocktailBe wooed by this cranberry and peach cocktail.
ScrewdriverScrewdriver cocktailA simple classic of vodka and orange juice.
White RussianWhite Russian cocktailAn iced coffee spiked with some vodka.
VampireVampire cocktailBerry cocktail with a big bite of vodka.
FireflyFirefly cocktailThe sharp flavor of grapefruit brings this cocktail to life.
Kalinka KoolerKalinka Kooler cocktailA totally refreshing summer shot.
Royal BlueRoyal Blue cocktailCitrus and sweet in a dazzling blue color.
Sea BreezeSea Breeze cocktailNot to sweet, not to sour, a perfect refreshing mix.
Vodka MartiniVodka Martini cocktailA martini for those who prefer vodka.
CatwalkCatwalk cocktailSuper sweet pineapple and berry cocktail.
Very BerryVery Berry cocktailVery berry indeed, with a twist of citrus.
Hairy NavelHairy Navel cocktailSweet tangy flavors perfectly mixed with vodka.
Sex on the BeachSex on the Beach cocktailSummer fruit flavours mixed with vodka.
Purple PlumPurple Plum cocktailIntriguing mix of berry and licorice.
Kinky PinkyKinky Pinky cocktailSweet berry and sweet peach make a super sexy cocktail.
Yellow SubmarineYellow Submarine cocktailA cocktail with vodka, rum and a light banana twist.
Key Lime MartiniKey Lime Martini cocktailA ready-to-drink key lime pie.